Thunderhead Bowl Honor Scores / 2018-2019 Seasons

Below you will find the Honor Scores of some of our duckpin and tenpin bowlers. The name, date bowled, league name will be attached with the picture. 

  Thunder-ous Nights  

Doing his best "pro athlete pose", it was "no joke" that Mike Darr got his perfect game on April 1st.

  We won't discuss his first game...

Jake Czerkies is back on the marquee again this year .

He shot  289 / 277 236

on Sunday night (3/3/19)

for an 802 set! 

Rick Robert with the one that eluded him. 

He shot a 299 game on Wednesday night  (1/30/19). 

          300 Baby!   

  Way to go Jeremy Rodkey

         * thrown on 8/23/19 *

Steve Bowen obtained perfection on Wednesday night, Jan 9, 2019.  The "300" game was the middle game of his 741 set in the ProShop league. 

Robert May with the "one that got away."  He shot a 299 game and finished with a 769 set on

Wednesday night (11/14/18) in the ProShop league... filling in for Tom I might add! 

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